If some of your target products are not in JH webstore,
JH team will source for you from China local market
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How We Stand Out from Other Suppliers

JH warehouse in Huaqiangbei

1. Over 2000+ products in stock
2. JH warehouse will get the latest products available from local market for our customer
3. JH warehouse can get factory-direct supply for customer's big QTY request
4. Many customers are willing to come to our warehouse and look for more potential products
5. If JH customer needs customized logo, our warehouse can totally support

Hot-sell Stock

1. Each kind of product in our warehouse has its own code
2. This makes inventory management more efficient and speeds up packing
3. 20+ JH staff work 12 hours a day, they are busy with order packing , inventory management and resource integration

Sourcing Service

JH team are passionate about sourcing, and product sourcing is our basic expertise
Welcome to send us link or picture of your target products
Our team will source you the right products with high quality and competitive price
Or you want to know more about one type of products, our team will source the right resource and make the product list for you
Many customers send us products links on Aliexpress, we can get much better price from Taobao/1688.com

Order Control

1. Send RMB Payment to Suppliers in China
2. Sample Collection
3. Collect products from Customer's Multiple Suppliers
4. Quality Control (Ensure The Quality of Your Products)
5. Repacking (100% to meet your requirements)
6. Professional Commodity Integration (Wooden Box or Base)


We have one competent, youthful, and active shipping coordination team for your packages
If the packaging is occasionally worn or in poor condition when the goods are in the warehouse,we will repack it or upgrade the packaging according to your requirements.
You don’t have to be concerned about product quality before shipment since we can assist you with product quality inspection to ensure a smooth delivery.

Flexible Shipping

Aliexpress Standard Shipping (for goods below 2kg)
International Courier: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT and more (goods below 500kg)
Airport-to-airport/Port-to-port by Air/Train/Sea (goods over 100kg)

Professional Service

1. JH team can prepare any Shipping Document you require
2. We track the order and follow up the shipment to guarantee the products are delivered on time
3. We can ship dangerous goods such as batteries, liquids or powders through our cooperative shipping channels.
4. For any lost parcel, we can help you get compensation for shipping fee and product cost
5. For uncontrollable shipping delay, we will actively provide freight discounts for our customers

VIP Service

Provide exclusive VIP customer warehouse area with shelves and clearly labeled storage in our warehouses
You can monitor and track your inventory in real-time, no matter where you are.
Hire labor in China:
"Our workers can help you with any labor at $5/hour, including packing products, bundling products, and applying FNSKU stickers.
Supply Chain Management:
If you need a wide range of products, we can offer a team of up to 10 people to grow your business.

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