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  • Before you place order, you should be aware of some import tips as below:

    JH offers much cheaper prices for customers who make orders regularly
    More orders you place, much cheaper prices you will enjoy
  • VIP Customer of JH Electronica

    1) Annual purchase over USD50000, customers can enjoy 180 days free storage time
    2) Annual purchase over USD100000, customers can enjoy 360 days free storage time
    3) Annual purchase over USD200000, customers can have one separate free storage room with webcam in our warehouse
        (you can check your products and packing process anytime you want)
  • Notice of JH Electronica Discount Policy

    1) If you want to place a larger order, please contact with JH for more discount
    2) If you have been our VIP customer for a long time, please contact with JH, your will get more surprise
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+86 18108090598
+86 18108090598
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