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Taobao Sourcing for Mr. Jordan, South Africa
By Xylia - JH team 04.24.2024
Today I want to introduce JH Taobao Sourcing Service
We have one customer from  South Africa, Mr. Jordan
He need to buy hundreds of different products from Taobao for his shop each shipment 
And each time he sent the list of products they need  with Taobao links
Then we will purchase on Taobao based on his order list.

We will provide him the product pictures to confirm and ensure each product is correct

Sometimes he customize products from other supplier and ask them send the products to our warehouse.
And we will repack it for free and shipping togteher with our order 

Finally, we ship the order to Jordan and send him the tracking number.

Taobao Sourcing can provide many potential products for your store
If you need to buy from Taobao, please feel free to contact with us 
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+86 18108090598
+86 18108090598
+86 18108090598
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