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Customized product services for customers
By Vicky - JH team 04.24.2024
This month, some customers need special resistor products
But few suppliers have stocks of special resistance values.

And one customer needs to customize product sizes according to their own needs

So we try our best to find the suitable manufacturer for him
We will consider the factory's production capacity, technical level, quality control, delivery time, price, logistics arrangements, etc.
Find the suitable factory to provide customers with high-quality customized services.

Then communicate with the manufacturer on behalf of the customer

Eg:Size, Color, Material, Quantity, Quality, Logo, Voltage, Current, Delivery time, etc.
We will also confirm samples with customers before mass production.

We always focus on the detail, this will help our customers grow business faster
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+86 18108090598
+86 18108090598
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