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Smart ROBOT Car Kit
By Teresa - JH team 05.28.2024
This product is a smart ROBOT car developed based on 328 OPEN SOURCE development board, 
which can realize four-way tracking function and ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function.
There are mainly four modules, 
including infrared signal detection module, main control module, motor drive module, and ultrasonic sensor module.
The smart car adopts a welding-free installation design.
The components are fixed by copper pillars and screws. 
The circuit connection between each module is connected by DuPont wire, which is simple and convenient.

By having this robot, you'll learn the following:
1) What is Embedded System and Robotics.
2) What is open-source programming and Its Components.
3) How to Control Outputs with open source Programming.
4) How to Read Inputs with open source Programming.
5) How to Make an Obstacle Avoidance Robot.
6) How to Make a Line Follower Robot,
And many more!

1. The main control board adopts open source development board.
2. The motor drive module uses a typical L298N module to drive a DC motor.
3. The infrared signal detection module uses four infrared light pairs to detect the black line and realize the tracking function.
4. The ultrasonic sensor module uses the HC-SR04 module, 
through which the distance is measured, so as to realize the ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function.

We also have many other  Smart ROBOT Car Kits, please contact with your sales to get more information!
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