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150W Digital battery Capacity Tester
By lillie - JH team 04.17.2023
Last week, one of my customer from Boland asked me to sourced one hot-sell product for him
150W Digital battery Capacity Tester, very popular in market !

This is the product he request 

Supply Voltage/ Interface:DC6~12V / DC 5.0 or Micro USB
Voltage measure Range:0.00V~200V     Accuracy:0.05V
Current Adjustable Range:0.00A~20A    Accuracy:0.05A
Capacity measure Range:0~999.999Ah    Accuracy:0.01Ah
Power cumulative range:0~99999.9Wh  Accuracy:0.01Wh
Power measure Range:0~2999.99 W   Accuracy:0.01W 
Impedance measure Range:1~999.9 ohm  Accuracy:0.01
Temperature Range :0~99℃   Accuracy:1℃
Max Timing:999H59M59S    Accuracy:1S
Input/Output:20A biting screw + USB 
Refresh time:>500mS/time 
Protecting Voltage setting Range:1~300V
Low Voltage setting Range:0~149V
Protecting Current setting Range:0.2~100A
Protecting Power setting Range:185W
Consumption Current:<1.5A
Operating Temp.:-10~+60℃
Operating Humidity::10~80℃ Condensation )
Operating Pressure:80~106kPa

After checking with many suppliers here, I found that the price of this product is too high
Then I recommended another product with the same performance but much cheaper price to him

I think sourcing is not just about finding the product for our customers
But to get the competitive product for their business !

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